MIART 2019 | 4-7 APRIL

On the occasion of the 24th edition of Miart, Casoli De Luca Gallery will showcase a selection of notable Italian masterpieces of the 20thcentury.

Starting with the acclaimed pre-Futurist work of Boccioni: Ritratto della pittrice Adriana Bisi Fabbri (1907), the first quarter of the century is characterized by the iridescent Futurism of Giacomo Balla and his Risveglio di Primavera (1918). Alongside works by those two Masters, we will also featured a prime precursor to Surrealist movement, Giorgio de Chirico, with the artwork entitled L’Automa– a mysterious, classically-inspired representation of the melancholic cityscapes and juxtaposed mannequin-like hybrid figures, which marks the beginning of the twentieth-century art movement called la scuola metafisica.

Alberto Burri’s Legno and Lucio Fontana’s ceramics show an example of the most important research taking place mid-century, aimed at exploring the aesthetic possibilities and conceptual usages of the materials. Giorgio Morandi ‘s still lives are a pure counterpart of this research, in which every objects are observed by the artist to be sublimated.

The artistic research of Italian modernity is represented by the Afro’s Informale. With Kounellis, the Sails of boats typical of the Adriatic Sea are taken from their habitual site and placed in the artwork – a fitting example of the theory of Arte Povera movement. Lo Savio, with one of his Metalli, came to Milan after the success of the first exhibition at the Casoli De Luca Gallery in Rome.

A further section of the exhibition will be dedicated to the imaginative reality of Mario Merz, where the visitors will have the special opportunity to admire his Igloo.